Matthew Gaskill , Luxury Realtor

Matthew Gaskill began a career in real estate while getting his MFA in Creative Writing and fell in love with the business, focusing full-time on real estate upon graduation. His desire to artfully connect his clients with distinguished homes was shaped through an appreciation of fine architecture and years of experience in customer service and hospitality. Ingrained with the mentality of these industries, Matthew strives to anticipate his clients' every need and guide them through the process of buying and/or selling what is, for many, their most valuable asset. His immersion into the business of real estate and attention to detail afforded Matthew immediate success as a Realtor and has seen him perform as a top producer at every office in his career. Matthew has guided his clients through over 150 real estate transactions.

Matthew is experienced in both sales and leasing of residential property, covering the highly desirable Westside of Los Angeles neighborhoods. He is available for consultation in regard to land, single-family homes, condos, multiple unit buildings, investment property, and commercial real estate. Matthew reads the latest industry publications, attends conferences and seminars, works with a real estate coach, and has an active presence in the community. All of these efforts keep him ahead of the latest developments in marketing and the Los Angeles real estate market.

Matthew is originally from Columbus, Ohio and attended Ohio University for undergraduate studies in English and Creative Writing. Continuing his education in Boston, Matthew earned an MFA in Creative Writing. Matthew continues to write short stories and has begun writing screenplays so he fits in at Los Angeles coffee shops.

A wanderer by nature, Matthew has lived in numerous locations including: Athens, Ohio; Hilton Head, South Carolina; Cincinnati, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; and Hawaii. He now travels to satisfy his desire to explore and is a current resident of West Hollywood after finding his permanent home here in Los Angeles. He lives with his girlfriend, dog, two cats, many plants, and an extensive library.

Matthew volunteers with One Voice LA and is passionate about ending human trafficking and modern slavery. Matthew's free time is spent learning the guitar, riding his Ducati motorcycle along PCH and through the canyons of Los Angeles, reading, looking for new vegan-friendly restaurants, traveling, listening to live music, practicing MMA (with an emphasis on Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu), going out to see movies, and exploring Los Angeles.

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