June 2014

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East-facing room from the Bird Streets neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills

Homeowners, or soon-to-be-homeowners, typically want light. Natural light. And lots of it. But not all sunlight is equal.

While visual artists and art collectors are astute to lighting and how pieces of art, whether in the creation or display stage, will react to and be influenced by lighting, sunlight should be something every homebuyer considers. Especially since it is not as easy of a change as painting the walls or tearing out carpets.

Direct lighting can create drama and foster anticipation to discover a space, while diffused lighting can establish a sense of peacefulness and calm. And, in some cases, lighting, or the lack thereof, can cause us to strongly dislike a room we would otherwise find appealing. Light profoundly influences how a

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This is the first post in a regular series highlighting the best homes for sale in Los Angeles. We will share current "hot properties" for sale after compiling a list from the homes we encountered during the week while showing clients, previewing, or during open houses. If you have any questions on the any of the homes, please contact a Realtor from our team. Should you want additional photos and/or details on any of the homes we discuss, follow the link from the property address to the listing page.

Onto the reason we are here, the homes. We have nine homes to discuss, so here they are:

3574 Multiview Drive | Hollywood Hills | 90068

3574 Multiview Drive in the Hollywood Hills
Also known as the Millard Kaufman Residence, it has an architectural pedigree with an addition by the legendary

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