August 2014

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The mistakes home buyers make have been written about hundreds, if not thousands, of times. The old saying "write what you know" may be the reason every real estate professional has written a blog post on the mistakes you should avoid when buying a house. Why? Because every real estate agent has worked with both first-time home buyers and experienced buyers and almost all make similar mistakes.

The standard buyer mistakes agents write about can cost you big: Either by losing the home you love or forcing you to shell out more money at time when the fees and charges seem to keep coming one after another. These well-documented mistakes you've probably read about include the following:

  • Mistakes home buyers make: buying near a tourist attractionThe buyer did not speak with a lender so she doesn't know what
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Are property taxes a deciding factor in where to buy a home in Los Angeles? For many people, it would not be practical to make property tax a major deciding factor or else everyone would move to a much different LA---Louisiana---where the property tax is the lowest in the nation. Assuming you are not moving to another state because of their low property taxes, let's discuss Los Angeles property tax, particularly in the Westside communities.

When buying property, many buyers chose an area based on convenience to their work and social activities, good school district, lifestyle, and/or affordability. Part of considering what a buyer can afford is knowing how much the property tax is going to cost, but more as a part of the total expected monthly costs of

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