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Buying a Home with a mortgage paperworkBuying a home is the biggest purchase most people make in their lifetime. The emotional toll it can take on someone is huge! But for the people that help make that dream a reality (Realtors, lenders, escrow officers, etc.) it is our business. We have to take emotion out of the transaction to get the job done and get the buyer the home of their dreams or help the seller move on to the next chapter in their life. In order for us to do our jobs, we need the buyer and seller to do their jobs. In the buyers case, we need them to get organized, get ready to let strangers pry into their private financial life (especially when buying a home with a loan), and be ready to sign and send every piece of paper we ask for. As a buyer, being aware of their schedule and

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One of the highlights of my job as a Realtor in the Los Angeles luxury real estate market is getting to see some of the most incredible homes in this town. Each neighborhood of Los Angeles offers something unique in lifestyle and history and one of the most illustrious neighborhoods is Bel Air. Bel Air was developed in 1923 by Alphonso Bell. He had some strict ideas on how the land was going to be developed and who could live there. Fortunately the restrictions on who could buy in Bel Air were lifted long ago, which allowed Bel Air to be home to some of the most famous entertainers in the world. While incredible mansions in this neighborhood are always sought after by the rich and famous, not every home is a mega estate priced for the wealthiest people in

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 Sell a house with an open house sign

Selling property can be one of the most time-consuming projects a person will encounter. And it can also be one of the most stressful, but it doesn't have to be. One way to make the process go as smooth as possible is to set yourself up for success prior to putting your house on the market. Here are three (plus a bonus) tips to consider while preparing to sell a house.

Get Organized

Gather up all the paperwork related to the property you have accumulated over your time as owner. For example, if you did renovations, locate your copies of all the permits, have the names and numbers of the contractor who did the work, and have all the information ready to pass along to potential buyers while they perform their due diligence. If you plan on taking

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Pool with a view at 25067 Jim Bridger Road in Hidden Hills

Summer is coming and the outdoors are best enjoyed during the summer months. While not everyone can be at the beach every day, you can always enjoy a dip in your own pool. Don't have one? We have a couple solutions for that.

1) Move to a home with a pool. A very solid option Gaskill+Peterson can help you with.
2) Install a pool. Depending on your current home, this could be an easy option that would add value and fun to your existing home.

If you love your current home, have the space, and are willing to put in the time and money, consider adding a pool. If you are wondering what the time frame and cost to install a pool are, you are in luck because your answers are below.

The price for a 20ft x 18ft x 6.5ft pool and jacuzzi including

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Based on our local market and clientele, we often have privacy and security at the top of our client's wish lists when looking for a home. Los Angeles is home (or one of many homes) to many high-profile individuals from A-list entertainers, business titans, professional athletes, heads of state, billionaires, and royal families. People come in droves for the chance to make it big in Hollywood or see someone who has made it big. With pictures of celebrities selling to the highest bidder, paparazzi are willing to go to great lengths to get a personal shot of celebs with their guard down. For these VIPs, their privacy and security is one of the most important criteria for their home. A guard-gated community, the penthouse of a high rise with 24-hour doorman,

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Is Selling LA real?

Reality and reality TV are not one and the same. No matter the subject, if it is on TV, the content has been edited for audience entertainment. With that being said, the shows Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles on Bravo and Selling LA on HGTV, which both focus on buying and selling real estate in Los Angeles, are based in reality. And one of those shows, Selling LA, tends to adhere to reality much better than the other. Since I work in the the same Los Angeles neighborhoods and sell the same luxury homes as the agents featured on these real estate shows, it is easy for me to pick up on what is real and what is reality TV.

I have clients who have seen these shows and then acted surprised by the differences between the reality TV shows and a

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We are proud to present our latest listing: a Hidden Hills estate located at 25067 Jim Bridger Road. The property is located in the highly-desired Ashley Ridge section of the guard-gated city. This is a home that boasts every possible amenity and was custom built by an entertainment industry producer. The result is an oasis that caters to the needs of a working entertainer and the celebrity lifestyle that requires a home where someone can relax and entertain.

The estate consists of two separate wings, which allows an entertainer to work from home while still keeping the everyday living areas of the main house a private sanctuary to unwind and recharge.

homes with recording studios and sound booths

The work and entertainment wing was designed for an entertainer, but the professional

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The most expensive home sold in Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills

1181 Hillcrest Road, a Trousdale Estates spec home, was one of the most ambitious spec houses built and listed in the neighborhood, the City of Beverly Hills, and all of Los Angeles. At approximately 22,300 square feet of living space on a 41,608 square foot lot, this home was originally listed for $85,000,000 and sold this past week for $70,000,000 ($3,139/square foot) to Swedish tech billionaire Markus "Notch" Persson, creator of the video game Minecraft. Persson outbid multiple buyers including power couple Sean Carter, aka Jay-Z, and Beyonce Knowles. The $70 million sale sets a Beverly Hills record for the price paid for a singe-family home.

The question is what makes this property worth $70M? The answer is a combination of location, views,

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Most Expensive Home in US for Sale at 9505 Lania Lane Beverly Hills 90210

At the end of a quarter mile private driveway sits a mansion named Palazzo di Amore. 9505 Lania Lane is sited on a private 25-acre knoll high above the cities of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. In 2007, billionaire real estate investor Jeff Greene paid $35 million for a shell (aka unfinished structure) constructed by prolific mega-mansion developer Mohamed Hadid. Greene then spent another $25 million to turn the blank-slate project into his dream home. Greene was married in the home (hence the Palace of Love moniker) and has made it available for rent since he no longer lives in California. In 2009, the home was first offered as a rental for the princely sum of $250,000 per month then raised this year to $475,000 a month. Greene has decided to take

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With Sotheby's International Realty again sponsoring the Beverly Hills artShow, the partnership continues between the preeminent art event in Beverly Hills and the real estate firm affiliated with the most prestigious auction house and largest art business in the world. Sotheby's first venture into selling real estate was a result of an estate asking the auction house to sell both an art collection and the home where the collection was housed, and now Sotheby's International Realty has decades of experience selling homes for art collectors. To celebrate the Beverly Hills artShow, a few homes for art collectors that are currently for sale are profiled below, but first some information on the show taking place this weekend.

The Beverly Hills artShow

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