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Buying a fixer in Los AngelesNo matter the situation, every buyer wants a deal. I use the word "deal" subjectively, since a deal to one buyer may not be a deal for another. When purchasing a home, one approach to getting a deal is to buy a turnkey home in area that has not yet gentrified (In Los Angeles, think parts of Echo Park and Highland Park). While you will get more bang for your buck being an urban pioneer, the huge financial upside of this approach is lost if the neighborhood does not turn the corner. Buying a fixer in an established area like the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, or Bel Air is another way buyers can find a deal (and build immediate equity) in the current real estate market.

In today's market, fixer properties are highly desired by both developers who want

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The mistakes home buyers make have been written about hundreds, if not thousands, of times. The old saying "write what you know" may be the reason every real estate professional has written a blog post on the mistakes you should avoid when buying a house. Why? Because every real estate agent has worked with both first-time home buyers and experienced buyers and almost all make similar mistakes.

The standard buyer mistakes agents write about can cost you big: Either by losing the home you love or forcing you to shell out more money at time when the fees and charges seem to keep coming one after another. These well-documented mistakes you've probably read about include the following:

  • Mistakes home buyers make: buying near a tourist attractionThe buyer did not speak with a lender so she doesn't know what
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Are property taxes a deciding factor in where to buy a home in Los Angeles? For many people, it would not be practical to make property tax a major deciding factor or else everyone would move to a much different LA---Louisiana---where the property tax is the lowest in the nation. Assuming you are not moving to another state because of their low property taxes, let's discuss Los Angeles property tax, particularly in the Westside communities.

When buying property, many buyers chose an area based on convenience to their work and social activities, good school district, lifestyle, and/or affordability. Part of considering what a buyer can afford is knowing how much the property tax is going to cost, but more as a part of the total expected monthly costs of

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REAL Trends, a leading source of information and analysis on the residential housing and brokerage industry, recently released their rankings of the top real estate agents in the United States based on 2013 sales in The Wall Street Journal. Congratulations are in order for our fellow top LA Realtors and the top Sotheby's real estate agents recognized for their achievement in being recognized as being the top-selling real estate agents in the United States during 2013. 

Top LA Realtors | Top Sotheby's real estate agents | The Thousand |

The list, called The Thousand, lists the top 250 agents in the country in four different categories: 

  • Individuals by Sales Volume
  • Individuals by Transaction Sides
  • Teams by Sales Volume
  • Teams by Transaction Sides

Below are the rankings with the teams and individuals

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East-facing room from the Bird Streets neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills

Homeowners, or soon-to-be-homeowners, typically want light. Natural light. And lots of it. But not all sunlight is equal.

While visual artists and art collectors are astute to lighting and how pieces of art, whether in the creation or display stage, will react to and be influenced by lighting, sunlight should be something every homebuyer considers. Especially since it is not as easy of a change as painting the walls or tearing out carpets.

Direct lighting can create drama and foster anticipation to discover a space, while diffused lighting can establish a sense of peacefulness and calm. And, in some cases, lighting, or the lack thereof, can cause us to strongly dislike a room we would otherwise find appealing. Light profoundly influences how a

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This is the first post in a regular series highlighting the best homes for sale in Los Angeles. We will share current "hot properties" for sale after compiling a list from the homes we encountered during the week while showing clients, previewing, or during open houses. If you have any questions on the any of the homes, please contact a Realtor from our team. Should you want additional photos and/or details on any of the homes we discuss, follow the link from the property address to the listing page.

Onto the reason we are here, the homes. We have nine homes to discuss, so here they are:

3574 Multiview Drive | Hollywood Hills | 90068

3574 Multiview Drive in the Hollywood Hills
Also known as the Millard Kaufman Residence, it has an architectural pedigree with an addition by the legendary

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When we think of the most expensive areas of Los Angeles, a few blue-blood neighborhoods always come to mind. Malibu, Holmby Hills, Bel Air, and Beverly Hills usually lead the conversation for the most desirable and most prestigious (and therefore most expensive) neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Based on recent activity, it looks like we have a new contender in the Hollywood Hills, specifically the easiest accessed portions on the the Hollywood Hills located above the Sunset Strip: Doheny Estates, the Bird Streets, Lower Doheny, and Sunset Plaza.

Buildable view lots in the Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood Hills cannot compete with the other premier neighborhoods for blockbuster sales of mega mansions over $50 million (and will never have a $100 million dollar home), because the neighborhood

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Fleur de Lys | 350 N Carolwood Dr | Beverly Crest

How hot is the ultra-high-end real estate market in Los Angeles? Hot enough for a home to break the elusive $100 million barrier for the first time ever in all of Southern California. And the home in question sold after being on-and-off the market (but always available if you knew who to call) since 2007. Not only did the mansion find a buyer or even two buyers; the house sold after a bidding war between three billionaires.

Fleur de Lys is the First Los Angeles Home to Sell for Over $100 Million

The home to break the $100 million barrier in Los Angeles was none other than Fleur de Lys, located at 350 N Carolwood Drive, a mansion known as much for its optimistic price that was never lowered as much as it was known for the extravagent luxuries

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7256 Sunnydip Trail | Mid-Century Modern | Buff & Hensman Post-and-Beam | Architectural Home  

I have to admit I had two favorite homes from the twenty-two I toured this week, but 7256 Sunnydip Trail in the Hollywood Hills gets the nod for a couple of reasons:

  1. Price: This is Los Angeles, so it is not a given that $2 million will buy you an architecturally significant home with views and a pool. Whereas, expectations tend to change when the price tag is just short of $16 million dollars as is the case with the equally impressive co-favorite at 1240 Benedict Canyon Drive in the Beverly Crest neighborhood of Benedict Canyon.
  2. New Listing: The home on Sunnydip Trail has only been on the market for a week, whereas my co-favorite known as The Rothschild / Harvey Mudd Estate in Beverly Hills has been listed for a combined 300 days since
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Jamzilla | 405 | 80 hour closure

Officials from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which is managing the $1.1-billion freeway-widening project through the Sepulveda Pass, are alerting I-405 motorists of an 80-hour northbound closure this Presidents' Day weekend, February 14th to February 18th. In an effort to alert motorists and prevent gridlock from shutting down the entire Westside, officials are referring to the project as Jamzilla, borrowing the strategy from the successful PR campaigns related to the Carmageddon shut downs of the 405 in 2011 and 2012.

The closure will consist of a partial daytime lane reduction to two lanes (with 3 lanes closed) and a full nighttime closure of the 405's northbound lanes through a 5.6 mile-long section of the

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