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Los Angeles as it will look for the next few years if Measure S passes

Last November, the Los Angeles county passed the Build Better LA Initiative, an initiative encouraging building affordable housing and hiring of local labor. This March, the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative is on the ballot. The Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, also known as Measure S, may sound great in theory. It's "an initiative to change the city's laws governing changes to the general plan and development projects." However, all it will ultimately do is cost Los Angeles billions in revenue, increase real estate prices, and increase the homeless population.

Simply put, Measure S will put a stop to any construction projects that "increases development density" for at least 2 years and then make city staff do all environmental impact reports

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This election is not only about who will be the next president of the United States. There is another measure on the ballot that could have an impact on Los Angeles real estate. The "Build Better LA" Affordable Housing and Development Initiative (aka Initiative Ordinance JJJ) is an initiative that would encourage development with affordable housing and local labor.

Below are the key points of the "Build Better LA" Initiative -

  • All development projects that include 10 or more residential units and require changes to the General Plan or other zoning/ construction rules, would have to make a percentage of the units affordable for low-income and working residents OR pay a fee to fund affordable housing and enforce laws that protects renters.
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When we think of the most expensive areas of Los Angeles, a few blue-blood neighborhoods always come to mind. Malibu, Holmby Hills, Bel Air, and Beverly Hills usually lead the conversation for the most desirable and most prestigious (and therefore most expensive) neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Based on recent activity, it looks like we have a new contender in the Hollywood Hills, specifically the easiest accessed portions on the the Hollywood Hills located above the Sunset Strip: Doheny Estates, the Bird Streets, Lower Doheny, and Sunset Plaza.

Buildable view lots in the Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood Hills cannot compete with the other premier neighborhoods for blockbuster sales of mega mansions over $50 million (and will never have a $100 million dollar home), because the neighborhood

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