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Los Angeles as it will look for the next few years if Measure S passes

Last November, the Los Angeles county passed the Build Better LA Initiative, an initiative encouraging building affordable housing and hiring of local labor. This March, the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative is on the ballot. The Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, also known as Measure S, may sound great in theory. It's "an initiative to change the city's laws governing changes to the general plan and development projects." However, all it will ultimately do is cost Los Angeles billions in revenue, increase real estate prices, and increase the homeless population.

Simply put, Measure S will put a stop to any construction projects that "increases development density" for at least 2 years and then make city staff do all environmental impact reports

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This election is not only about who will be the next president of the United States. There is another measure on the ballot that could have an impact on Los Angeles real estate. The "Build Better LA" Affordable Housing and Development Initiative (aka Initiative Ordinance JJJ) is an initiative that would encourage development with affordable housing and local labor.

Below are the key points of the "Build Better LA" Initiative -

  • All development projects that include 10 or more residential units and require changes to the General Plan or other zoning/ construction rules, would have to make a percentage of the units affordable for low-income and working residents OR pay a fee to fund affordable housing and enforce laws that protects renters.
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With Sotheby's International Realty again sponsoring the Beverly Hills artShow, the partnership continues between the preeminent art event in Beverly Hills and the real estate firm affiliated with the most prestigious auction house and largest art business in the world. Sotheby's first venture into selling real estate was a result of an estate asking the auction house to sell both an art collection and the home where the collection was housed, and now Sotheby's International Realty has decades of experience selling homes for art collectors. To celebrate the Beverly Hills artShow, a few homes for art collectors that are currently for sale are profiled below, but first some information on the show taking place this weekend.

The Beverly Hills artShow

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Jamzilla | 405 | 80 hour closure

Officials from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which is managing the $1.1-billion freeway-widening project through the Sepulveda Pass, are alerting I-405 motorists of an 80-hour northbound closure this Presidents' Day weekend, February 14th to February 18th. In an effort to alert motorists and prevent gridlock from shutting down the entire Westside, officials are referring to the project as Jamzilla, borrowing the strategy from the successful PR campaigns related to the Carmageddon shut downs of the 405 in 2011 and 2012.

The closure will consist of a partial daytime lane reduction to two lanes (with 3 lanes closed) and a full nighttime closure of the 405's northbound lanes through a 5.6 mile-long section of the

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