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Earlier this year, I wrote about what would happen to the Los Angeles real estate market in 2016, so I feel it is only right to reflect on the expectations for, and the realities of, what happened this past year. Probably everyone can agree, 2016 was a tumultuous and unpredictable year in world events, politics, and pop culture. However, the 2016 Los Angeles real estate market did more or less what was expected. 

So... what did we get right and what did we get wrong? Our grades for each prediction are below.

City of Los Angeles at Sunset

Prediction #1: Housing prices will stabilize

Grade : C for what was expected (but a B+ for the market!)

While economists did predict further improvements to the housing market, it was expected to slow down. In our 2016 predictions blog

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This election is not only about who will be the next president of the United States. There is another measure on the ballot that could have an impact on Los Angeles real estate. The "Build Better LA" Affordable Housing and Development Initiative (aka Initiative Ordinance JJJ) is an initiative that would encourage development with affordable housing and local labor.

Below are the key points of the "Build Better LA" Initiative -

  • All development projects that include 10 or more residential units and require changes to the General Plan or other zoning/ construction rules, would have to make a percentage of the units affordable for low-income and working residents OR pay a fee to fund affordable housing and enforce laws that protects renters.
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homebuying myths keeping renters from buying

Renting is the worst. Every month it feels like money being thrown out the window. In Los Angeles, it is getting worse as rents keep increasing and renters are not moving. Only one thing will change this: more rental units become available. This can happen by either developers building more rental buildings, which is being fought by many residents for various reasons (some valid and some ridiculous). Or as renters become home buyers, their former rental will become available for a new tenant. One problem we have seen lately is renters who are hesitant to buy because they have been discouraged by various homebuying myths. We are here to shed some light on some of these myths keeping renters who want to buy from achieving their dreams. I've heard many

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Predicting the 2016 Los Angeles Real Estate Market

At the beginning of each year, articles about every business come out predicting what to look forward to in the new year. Real estate is no exception. I have been busy working with clients who want to get a jump on achieving their 2016 real estate goals, so I am a little behind on getting out my Los Angeles real estate predictions for 2016. So with an extra month to gauge the market, here is what I think the next 11 months will see in the Los Angeles housing market.

Prediction #1: Housing prices will stabilize

There will still be continuous growth in prices in the real estate market but many are saying it will be more of a return to normalcy compared to the double digit appreciation some areas have seen in recent years. Home prices in Southern

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This is the first post in a regular series highlighting the best homes for sale in Los Angeles. We will share current "hot properties" for sale after compiling a list from the homes we encountered during the week while showing clients, previewing, or during open houses. If you have any questions on the any of the homes, please contact a Realtor from our team. Should you want additional photos and/or details on any of the homes we discuss, follow the link from the property address to the listing page.

Onto the reason we are here, the homes. We have nine homes to discuss, so here they are:

3574 Multiview Drive | Hollywood Hills | 90068

3574 Multiview Drive in the Hollywood Hills
Also known as the Millard Kaufman Residence, it has an architectural pedigree with an addition by the legendary

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When we think of the most expensive areas of Los Angeles, a few blue-blood neighborhoods always come to mind. Malibu, Holmby Hills, Bel Air, and Beverly Hills usually lead the conversation for the most desirable and most prestigious (and therefore most expensive) neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Based on recent activity, it looks like we have a new contender in the Hollywood Hills, specifically the easiest accessed portions on the the Hollywood Hills located above the Sunset Strip: Doheny Estates, the Bird Streets, Lower Doheny, and Sunset Plaza.

Buildable view lots in the Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood Hills cannot compete with the other premier neighborhoods for blockbuster sales of mega mansions over $50 million (and will never have a $100 million dollar home), because the neighborhood

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Fleur de Lys | 350 N Carolwood Dr | Beverly Crest

How hot is the ultra-high-end real estate market in Los Angeles? Hot enough for a home to break the elusive $100 million barrier for the first time ever in all of Southern California. And the home in question sold after being on-and-off the market (but always available if you knew who to call) since 2007. Not only did the mansion find a buyer or even two buyers; the house sold after a bidding war between three billionaires.

Fleur de Lys is the First Los Angeles Home to Sell for Over $100 Million

The home to break the $100 million barrier in Los Angeles was none other than Fleur de Lys, located at 350 N Carolwood Drive, a mansion known as much for its optimistic price that was never lowered as much as it was known for the extravagent luxuries

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