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Buying a fixer in Los AngelesNo matter the situation, every buyer wants a deal. I use the word "deal" subjectively, since a deal to one buyer may not be a deal for another. When purchasing a home, one approach to getting a deal is to buy a turnkey home in area that has not yet gentrified (In Los Angeles, think parts of Echo Park and Highland Park). While you will get more bang for your buck being an urban pioneer, the huge financial upside of this approach is lost if the neighborhood does not turn the corner. Buying a fixer in an established area like the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, or Bel Air is another way buyers can find a deal (and build immediate equity) in the current real estate market.

In today's market, fixer properties are highly desired by both developers who want

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Perhaps you noticed construction at the Brody House recently came to a close and you were wondering when the architectural gem located at 360 South Mapleton Drive in the Holmby Hills would hit the open market.

The Brody House | 360 South Mapleton Drive Holmby Hills 90024

The Brody House, commissioned by philanthropist art lovers Sidney and Francis Brody and designed by architect A. Quincy Jones, interior designer Billy Haines, and landscape architect Garrett Eckbo, was built in 1949. The Holmby Hills house first went up for sale in 2010, when it sold at the end of 2010 for $14.888 million to an investor with the intent of flipping the home.

When it sold in 2010, the house was 11,500 square feet situated on about 2.3 acres, with nine bedrooms (including 4 staff bedrooms) and seven and a half bathrooms, a

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