Investment Property in Los Angeles

Buying investment property has proven to be a vehicle to wealth and part of any sound investment strategy. It has also led many unprepared investors to bankruptcy. Real estate investing is easiest and most successful when investors have a team of professionals guiding the process. In the wrong hands, a real estate transaction can cost unneeded time and money. Lost time and money is always a bad combination in real estate, but those are the last two things you can afford since they cut into your bottom line or your ability to pay back a loan. 

Gaskill+Peterson has experience assisting real estate investors buy and sell investment property. After an initial consultation, our team will compose a strategy for helping you reach your goals. Depending on your investment strategy, the plan could consist of a long-term buy and hold strategy for appreciation, cash flow, or some combination of the two. Another option is a short-term investment plan to renovate and sell a property as a flip. Either way, we will provide professional analysis to assess your income potential by calculating the return on investment for rental properties and any flips. Our real estate agents can help if you plan to buy a single family home, a single condo, or a multi-family building as investment property.

Because of the importance of location in real estate our Realtors make it a point to know the factors affecting your decision to buy investment property: the area, local sales and available inventory, the rental market, and any planned  development that could affect your investment. We have also developed working relationships with the finest service providers in Los Angeles to help you toward a successful return on your investment property:

  • Institutional mortgage lenders and private money lenders: Help you secure the type of loan you need if you are not paying cash. With multiple sources, one will offer an option best for you and your situation. 
  • Architects and general contractors: Asset in renovating or building your investment property.
  • Property management companies: Act as your proxy if you need assistance managing your investment property whether you live in Los Angeles or overseas.
  • Interior designers: Furnish the rental property or stage a home to sell.

Contact a Realtor to get more information on real estate investing or to find your next investment property.

If you are a resident of Los Angeles looking to purchase investment property outside of the city, contact our Realtors for a consultation and a referral to a qualified real estate professional within our extensive Sotheby's International Realty network that consists of over 670 offices and 13,000 agents in more than 49 countries.