Reviews of Gaskill+Peterson

"We've been looking to relocate from New York to Los Angeles, and we really knew nothing about the city or its real estate market. Matthew showed me around, gave me invaluable advice about the market here, told me which properties were worth something, which were not priced correctly, and helped me through the whole process and made it smooth. It was great to have a Realtor who really understands the market, who is professional, can give us the top advice, and make us feel like we aren't out of our depth in a whole new town. In the end, having a great broker is really the most important thing, it made us feel comfortable, so definitely recommend Matthew to anybody else who is going to be moving out to the LA area." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: David S.

"Simply the best realtors we have ever dealt with - and we have bought several properties around the world. Matthew quickly determined our needs, found the exact property (ahead of other buyers in a very fast market) and made the transaction super smooth. No up-selling, no messing around, just the right property at the right price. And the follow up experience was just great, help us get settled in. We really appreciate working with such a professional and HIGHLY recommend these guys." Review of Gaskill+Peterson via: Karlin S.

"Matthew assisted us in finding a tenant for our rental property after we had a horrible experience with a previous agent. We were very pleased with his approach - very helpful, professional and effective at finding us great new tenants. When we were considering selling the investment property this year we turned to Matthew again. He did an excellent job marketing the property and we ended up with multiple offers after just one open house. I would highly recommend Matthew and his team." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: Valerie K.

"You and Alisa are a great team! Thank you and Alisa for the wonderful work you did on selling the loft.  We are elated." Review of Gaskill+Peterson via: Barbara R.

"In my search for purchasing my first property, I wanted an agent who would know the market as it related to what I desired, with my budget in mind. Matthew seemed to know more about what I wanted based on our discussion in our first meeting than I did; the property I bought was not even on my radar at first. However, Matthew was able to find my current residence...with perfect amenities at a terrific cost. I was thoroughly impressed with his due diligence from start to finish and his willingness to go above and beyond for my convenience. I'd easily recommend him for any residential real estate search or transaction regardless of what level the buyer is at." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: Tom O.

"Matthew is great at keeping our communication align, very responsive and attentive. He was a big help for me in giving me an alternatives. I was abroad when i used his service, we never met in person but the service was done without problem." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: Cornellia W.

"I was recently moving back...and needed to find a condo in a very short time. Matthew arranged as many showings as possible in a very short time. He was always very pleasant to work with and they even took care of my dog when I had nobody to watch her. When I did find condos I was interested in he was very thorough in discussing each place and the pros and cons. He was honest and never pushy. When I did find a condo that I definitely wanted he was very helpful in dealing with all the details, as I was a first time buyer. And also very patient when I had many questions and felt as if I were calling and emailing repeatedly. Overall it was a great experience and made my transition...much easier and faster. I worked with Matthew in the summer of 2012 when I needed to buy a condo.... Working with Matthew was a very good experience. He found me many places that met my criteria. He was never pushy, always professional. I found the perfect place and he was very helpful throughout the purchase process. I would definitely recommend Matthew and Alisa." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: Cornelie D.

"Matt was a pleasure to work with and helped us find a great place. He understands the market and worked within our desired locations and range." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: William A.

"Matthew and Alisa have managed all aspects of renting my property...and have provided excellent service and knowledge of the local market." Review of Gaskill+Peterson via: Shane Z.

"They helped me find an apartment that was exactly suited for my needs. I felt that they were extremely honest which helped save time and money. As a new person to the area, their local knowledge of the...area was also very helpful - pointing me in the right direction. If I ever need another place..., I will definitely go back." Review of Gaskill+Peterson via: Alicia M.

"My roommate & I worked with Alisa to get a great apartment.... She was great! Made the process much easier than previous realtors I've used, & she was always quick to get back to me when I emailed/called. Will definitely use her again when I am in the market for a new apartment!" Review of Alisa Peterson via: Ben W.

"At first, I was little hesitant to sell the condo because we tried to sell it in the past and it didn't work. Val convinced me to try again and it was the right call for us. I understand the market changed, but you both did an excellent job, and I really appreciate your work. It was very easy and effective to work with you - and if we need help in the future we'll get back to you. All the best to you both." Review of Gaskill+Peterson via: Robi K.

"My wife and I relocated back...for a job opportunity, with our pair of rescue greyhounds in tow. Alisa was a wonderful agent on our behalf, and during an off-cycle time period in a tight rental market she helped secure a pet-friendly unit in a luxury loft condominium located next to the largest dog park.... Alisa was genuinely interested and engaged in insuring that we were well--positioned for the relocation, and conducted herself as a consummate professional through the process of securing the rental unit. I recommend Alisa's work very highly, and without qualification." Review of Alisa Peterson via: Phillip M.

"Matthew has rented several properties for our company and did so quickly and efficiently. I encourage any prospective clients to use Matthew. I am confident your experience will be a positive one." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: Elizabeth B.

"My wife and I were in town for only one weekend during a lull in the rental market and needed to find a place immediately - needless to say we were a little anxious about the whole situation. Luckily one of our friends had hit a grand slam...last year thanks to an amazing broker from Sotheby's named Alisa. So we called Alisa with only a week's notice and by Friday morning she had a number of properties for us to look at. Not only was she prepared, but we saw immediately why our friend's recommendation came by way of "you have got to use...." rather that a less emphatic "oh, I used ....." Spending a day with someone you have never met before during an extremely stressful time is a risky proposition. But Alisa put us at ease from the second we met her. She is personable, kind, friendly and probably most important, she actually listened to what we were saying. We've dealt with other brokers in the past, and even...recently, and they have their agenda and a list of aging properties, and you're sticking to that plan no matter what. Alisa understands that it's to both parties benefits to communicate clearly and openly - she puts the client's needs and wants first, which is something you would think would be more common in the industry, but doesn't seem to be. During our first two days of looking we found a couple places that suited us and were ready to put an application in on a property.... But then Alisa changed her personal plans on Sunday and took us by the place that I'm sitting in right now as I type. It was what we had been describing all along. It was perfect. When you're looking for a place to live, whether it be for 1 year or 20, the stakes are high. Time is of the essence and opportunity cost is at the forefront of your mind with every property you see or broker that makes you work around his/her schedule. Alisa actually seemed to understand that while we were "just a client" to Sotheby's that we were actual people making an important, life-changing decision. In the end she made all the difference." Review of Alisa Peterson via: Ryan L.

"Two Realtors who get the modern real estate market." Review of Gaskill+Peterson via: Ed G.

"My wife and I recently decided to move...and the search for an apartment that suited our needs proved to be more challenging than we anticipated. As soon as we began working with Matthew Gaskill of Sotheby’s it was evident that he has a lot of knowledge of the area and the market. He is honest and informative and helped us find a great place. I highly recommend Matthew." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: Michael L.

"The results that Matthew was able to provide is a great testament to his ability to take specific needs into consideration." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: Matt G.

"Matthew was efficient and able to accommodate my requests even though I was not physically in the country. He was also able to act as an effective liaison between myself and the landlord, and offered creative solutions that satisfied both parties. If I had the chance, I would certainly hire him again." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: Jeffrey S.

"Worked with Alisa to find an apartment.... She was phenomenal! Very kind and made the process as easy as possible. Unfortunately I moved to a new city and I'm worried I won't find another realtor like her: the best!" Review of Alisa Peterson via: Ben W.

"Matthew was superb in my entire interaction with him as my real estate agent. He found me an apartment to my exact specifications in a most expedient manner and was extremely helpful in facilitating all the paperwork and interaction with landlord, super etc. He clearly possesses expert knowledge of the leasing market he covers and is extremely personable. I felt he was extremely honest and helped me find great value in a crowded market. I would recommend him highly to anyone without reservation." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: Andrew B.

"Matthew is professional, friendly, honest and reliable. His knowledge of the market landed me great tenants AND my full asking price. He handled all aspects of renting my condo. I cannot recommend him more highly." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: Brooke W.

"I made the transition from renting to owning in the middle of 2012, and Matthew was a great help throughout the entire process. We started with one day of ~6 showings to get a feel for what kind of properties were out there, and what their values were. We tailored our search and narrowed it down..., and looked at various properties over about a 2 month period. Matthew was super helpful, and even got outside contractors to come in and estimate the price of various renovations in potential condos. We finally found the perfect place...with all the amenities I was looking for, and in perfect condition - for a reasonable price! Matthew was also extremely helpful in suggesting lawyers and mortgage brokers in the area, making the whole process so smooth! I would definitely recommend the services of Matthew and Alisa to anyone looking to buy a condo in downtown...!" Review of Matthew Gaskill via: Jessica R.

"Matthew was an extremely helpful real estate agent. He was always available to answer questions we had and was very prompt in all his actions. I would hire Matthew again...." Review of Matthew Gaskill via: Paul R.