Write an Offer

Have you seen an investment property or home for sale you want to write an offer on? Or do you know of a home not on the market you want to buy? Fill out the form below and a Realtor will contact you and advise you on how to write an offer to make your offer attractive to the seller while protecting your interests and deposit money. And we will assist you get your offer accepted with no cost to you!

Reasons to write an offer through a Realtor:

  • If you saw a home during an open house, you should know the agent hosting the open house works for the seller as a listing agent and is representing the seller's interest. Because of this you should have a buyer's agent represent your interests. You will not save on the buyer's side commission by working with the listing agent. In reality, the listing agent will collect both sides of the commission and you will have no one representing your interests. 
  • You believe an owner will be receptive to your offer even if the owner is not actively marketing the property. By using our team to write an offer on an off-market property, you will have the benefit of experienced Realtors advising you, drafting the contracts, negotiating terms, and ensuring you get to the closing table with the best terms possible.
  • In the Los Angeles real estate market, multiple offers are a part of the process for homebuyers. A knowledgeable Realtor can guide you through writing the offer in a way that will help your offer stand out from a stack of other offers. Whereas other agents will advise their clients to waive inspections or otherwise leave them exposed, our Realtors will never advise a client to do anything that would leave them financially or legally exposed. We are able to get our clients ahead because we understand the nuances of writing an offer and because we have an established relationship with the other luxury real estate agents in Los Angeles.

Contact a Realtor for more information on how to write an offer to purchase real estate in Los Angeles.

Fill out the form and provide as much information as possible about the property and the offer you would like to make.

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